The Dehonian Mission Statement
is a short statement of our purpose.

It helps us identify
the scope of our activities and values.

For us it is a kind of excerpt
of the Rule of Life in the language of today.

members of Congregation

countries where we are

established by Fr. Leo John Dehon


Our vision: Love with open heart and mind

We are witnesses of God’s transforming love in souls and society. We spread God’s love around the world with open heart and mind.


Our Mission: Adveniat Regnum Tuum – Your kingdom come

We are especially for people who are most in need and for the young. Our Congregation focuses on education, social work, missions, spirituality and media to announce the kingdom of God.

We live in community, are inspired by daily Eucharistic Adoration, and in a fragmented world we believe unity to be possible.

La nostra visione: Amare con cuore e con mente aperti

Siamo testimoni dell’amore trasformante di Dio nelle anime e nella società. Diffondiamo nel mondo l’amore di Dio con il cuore e con la mente aperti.


La nostra missione: Adveniat Regnum Tuum – Venga il tuo regno

Esistiamo specialmente per le persone più bisognose e per i giovani. La nostra Congregazione si concentra sull’educazione, l’impegno sociale, le missioni, la spiritualità e i media per annunciare il regno di Dio.

Viviamo in comunità, siamo ispirati dall’Adorazione Eucaristica quotidiana, e in un mondo frammentato crediamo che l’unità è possibile.

Notre vision : Aimer avec un cœur et un esprit ouverts

Nous sommes les témoins d’un amour de Dieu capable de transformer les personnes et la société elle-même. Nous répandons cet amour dans le monde avec un cœur et un esprit ouverts.


Notre mission : Adveniat Regnum Tuum – Que ton Règne vienne

Nous sommes envoyés spécialement au service des gens les plus démunis et aussi des jeunes. Notre Congrégation met l’accent sur l’éducation, le travail social, les missions, la spiritualité et les moyens de communication en vue d’annoncer de Règne de Dieu.

Nous vivons en communauté, nous sommes inspirés par l’adoration eucharistique quotidienne et, dans un monde fragmenté, nous croyons que l’unité demeure possible.

Nuestra visión: Amar con una mente y un corazón abiertos

Somos testigos del amor de Dios, que transforma las personas y la sociedad. Difundimos en el mundo el amor de Dios con una mente y un corazón abiertos.


Nuestra misión: Adveniat Regnum Tuum – Venga tu reino

Estamos especialmente al servicio de los más necesitados y los jóvenes. Nuestra Congregación se centra en la educación, las obras sociales, las misiones, la espiritualidad y la comunicación para anunciar el Reino de Dios.

Vivimos en comunidad, inspirados por la Adoración Eucarística cotidiana, y, en un mundo fragmentado, creemos que la unidad es posible.

A Nossa Visão: Amar com coração e mente abertos

Somos testemunhas do amor transformador de Deus nas almas e na sociedade. Espalhamos pelo mundo o amor de Deus, com coração e mente abertos.


A Nossa Missão: Adveniat Regnum Tuum – Venha o teu Reino

Dedicamo-nos especialmente aos mais necessitados e aos jovens. A nossa Congregação concentra-se na educação, na ação social, nas missões, na espiritualidade e nos média para anunciar o Reino de Deus.

Vivemos em comunidade, inspiramo-nos na Adoração Eucarística diária e acreditamos que, num mundo fragmentado, a unidade é possível.

Nasza wizja: Kochać z otwartym sercem i rozumem

Jesteśmy świadkami Bożej miłości przemieniającej dusze i społeczeństwo. Szerzymy w świecie Bożą miłość z otwartym sercem i rozumem.


Nasza misja: Adveniat Regnum Tuum – Przyjdź Królestwo Twoje

Istniejemy w sposób szczególny dla ludzi najbardziej potrzebujących i dla młodych. Nasze Zgromadzenie koncentruje się na wychowaniu, pracy społecznej, misyjnej, na duchowości i komunikacji, aby głosić Królestwo Boże.

Żyjemy we wspólnocie inspirowani codzienną Adoracją Eucharystyczną, a żyjąc w podzielonym świecie wierzymy w możliwą jedność.

The last General Chapter told us to invest in communication,

to stay in line with Fr. Dehon.

Fr. Heiner Wilmer, scj

Superior General of the Dehonians

let’s put it into practice

Personal level

How can you use the Mission Statement in your personal life? Try to do a daily review of the day on the basis on some part of the Mission Statement. A suggestion: prepare or attend a spiritual retreat around this text.

This can be helpful for your personal discernment about what you already do and as you discern decisions for the future!

Group use for a community or in mission

The Mission Statement could be useful for review of a community’s activities as well as annual planning. It can also help to determine priorities and make decisions in a community. Is the new activity that we want to begin truly Dehonian?

The Mission Statement can also help a community evaluate and organize its responsibilities.

Entity/Supraentity level

At the highest level, the Mission Statement can inspire the most significant events in our Congregation, such entity or General Chapters. It can help to set priorities for the entities’ councils in areas such as formation and pastoral activities or simply in daily decisions!

The Reign of the Heart of Jesus

in Souls and Societies.

Fr. Leo John Dehon

Founder of the Dehonians

The Dehonian way starts with an experience of God’s love;

of that we are witnesses.

cfr. Constitutions 2-9

recent news

Developing a communications strategy

Developing a communications strategy

The International Communications Commission held its first meeting March 23-24 at the Generalate in Rome. Discussions included the development of a communications strategy for the Dehonians.

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