how to put it into PRACTICE?

The Mission Statement is a piece of our identity

which we need share, show

and confront ourselves with.



For understanding: What is Dehonian?
What is not Dehonian?

"Sacramental" value

To confront us with something greater:
our charism, spirituality, “Dehonianity”


Different levels

From personal to the level

of whole the Congregation.

just show it and share

Make the Mission Statement present as much as possible!

We remember more what we see than what we hear!

Download zone!

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confront ourselves with it

Below you will find some concrete examples

of how to put the Mission Statement into practice on different levels.

Personal level

Daily review:

  • How have I witnessed God’s love?
  • In what moments have I opened my heart?
  • Where have I used the capacities of my mind?
  • What is my involvement in the mission?
  • Has the Eucharist inspired the day?
  • Have I lived community life as a testimony of unity?
Group level

Pastoral discernment (in a school):

  • Does [our school] witness God’s love for everybody?
  • How does [our school] contribute to deep transformation [our students and their families]?
  • How does it serve the transformation of our context?
  • What does it mean for us to [educate] in an open heart and an open mind?
  • Who are the most needy in [our school]?
  • In what sense are they privileged?
Entity/Supraentity level

Discernment of a new mission:

  • What is the transforming effect of this new presence?
  • How can it witness God’s love?
  • Who are the privileged recipients?
  • How do we include educational, social, missionary, spiritual and communicative actions?
  • How do we make Eucharist the base of the mission?
  • Does the mission help to witness community life?

Don't be afraid!

Share with us what you have done to practice our Mission Statement

in your spiritual life and/or pastoral activity!